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When will we get options?

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As of this morning it appears that charts are no longer working on the old classic platform.


I am an option trader so I cannot migrate to the new platform yet,  do you have an ETA?  I've been waiting months now.  I can edit/close option positions using the new platform, it just appears that I can't open new positions - so surely there's not that much work needed to accommodate them.

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There's no reason that you shouldn't be able to access classic charts as this has nothing to do with the migration to the new platform. Please try clicking on the pad lock in your browser address bar and then making sure the "Flash" option is set to "Always allow on this site". From here you'll just need to refresh the page and it should work fine again. Many clients have had the same issue, possibly caused by a recent Windows software update.


You're correct that Options are one of the products which have not yet been moved across to the new platform. This will of course happen in time, and I'll pass on your feedback. You'll still be able to trade Options through the classic platform until they are added to the new. We won't force you over to the new platform without being able to access the markets you regularly trade.


I hope this helps and feel free to get in touch if there's anything else we can help with.

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Did you get the charts working on the old platform? I cannot open charts with my imac, but can on my windows laptop. I have latest java on imac. Any suggestions?

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