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Prices Spike down/up on some stock charts on IG platform which don't appear on any other platform's chart


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Hi all,

I am seeing prices spick down or up on some shares on IG which don't seem to appear on any other broker charting platform. 

The following screen shot taken from IG platform this morning of BP PLC this morning and there are four spikes downs in recent months to nearly zero. Can anyone explain the reason for these, which only appears on IG? I have seen this spike on some other shares too.

My concern is if there was a stop loss placed on a trade, if this blip will stop you out of your trade at a loss! Has anyone experience this before?

Thank you in advance.



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16 hours ago, igreen said:

any advice/comment from you will be welcome, @Caseynotes , thank you 

Hi @igreen

Thanks for reaching out. If there are spikes in the chart, please report this to helpdesk.uk@ig.com 

Stops/limits will not be triggered by incorrect spikes on the platform. Stops/Limits can only be triggered by the correct prices as guided by the underlying market. All the best, OfentseIG

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