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2023 likely to be a year of stop-start trade dominated by earnings shortfalls and China inflation

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2023 likely to be a year of stop-start trade dominated by earnings shortfalls and China driven inflation
A lack of any sparkle to earnings, into 2023, may mean a dose of reality will kick in for investors. IGTV caught up with the FT’s ‘Adventurous Investor’ columnist, and director of Doceo, David Stevenson. He says, while central banks may get on top of inflation when China recovers from its Covid driven downturn, that may spur more inflation. Stevenson says oil may move back up above $100, which could help the FTSE100, but will add to higher prices. In terms of earnings he says long term the S&P500 works to a price to earnings ratio of 17, it’s currently above 20, so that will have to come down. One final area he calls out for possible attention is biotech. After a disastrous 2022 he’s suggesting that this may now be now hitting trough, but it may be a bumpy rise out of the downturn.  










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    • I'm currently bullish on AI project tokens, especially on Bitget, and I'm excited about their symbiotic relationship with blockchain technology, which is driving financial inclusion and innovation. Projects like SORA, SingularityNET's AGIX, The Graph (GRT), and Nebula AI's NMT are leading the way in transformative advancements across various sectors.
    • I trade leveraged futures on Binance so I'm going to miss them, not that much though cos I also use Bitget exchange, and they have high liquidity and low fees, So I will just move my funds there and continue leveraged trading.
    • If you've tried using Ethereum, you know it can get slow and expensive. Think of Starknet as a helper that makes everything faster and cheaper. It does this by taking a bunch of transactions, squishing them into one, and then processing that one. This means more transactions can happen at once without clogging up the system. For people making apps on the blockchain (they call these dApps), Starknet is like a dream come true because it lets their apps handle a lot more users without slowing down. It also gives them the freedom to make their apps work just how they want, making things better for users. When it comes to making money, Starknet charges fees to use its network and lets people 'stake' their coins – that's like putting your money in a savings account that helps the network run, and you get a little reward for that. So, what do you think about Starknet? It's all about helping Ethereum handle more action without any hassle. Could be a big deal for how we use digital money, right?
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