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There's some really good advice on setting one up for yourself and even scoring the quality of trade entries and exits, and how to exercise discipline in your trading relatively effortlessly. It's called Come Into My Trading Room by Alexander Elder. I'be read a lot of books on trading and that's definitely the best one.

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'Trade JournalV2.xls'  I have used for years, it's simple to fill in, don't need to fill in all the boxes and you can change inputs to suit. I use it mostly to keep an eye on win strike rate and risk reward ratio which are calculated automatically as a running total so it's easy to see if a strategy is profitable over the longer term, and any changes to the strategy soon show up for better or worse in the running totals.


You can find a download link about 2/3 down this page.




Also, you may want to take a look at 'MyFXbook'.



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