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What's Going on with Litecoin?

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LTC crossed $100 Feb 2 of 2023.

With all the FUD of crypto staking ban and effect of Ripple SEC lawsuit the LTC along with all crypto market is again down. 



-        Did you know that Litecoin has maintained zero downtime for over 11 years?

-        It's the longest uninterrupted uptime in crypto.


Compared to the last week, Litecoin registers a fall of 3.32% ; on the contrary, in year-on-year terms, it still maintains a gain of 47.89% .

In relation to days past, it puts an end to two sessions of losing streak. Regarding the volatility of the last dates, it is somewhat lower than that accumulated in the last year, showing itself as a value with fewer changes than was recently foreseen.

In the last year, Litecoin has reached a maximum of 94.07 euros, while its lowest level has been 66.21 euros. Litecoin is placed closer to its maximum than its minimum.

The Drivers of Litecoin's Bullish Trend

Investors are predicting a surge in Litecoin price because of following three important elements.

  • Litecoin increasing adoption
  • Halving process ahead in 2023
  • Big sharks movements

According to some analysts, considering the impending halving scheduled for August 2023, higher price highs for LTC are anticipated. As in the past, this event will take place when the token's block height reaches 2,520,000. The Litecoin price prediction of $101 .874 in first Q1 2023 was already projected by expert analyst from Coinpedia. Provided things go as planned, with newer adoptions and collaborations, the price could shoot to $157.541.

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