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Okta Inc.(OKTA:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis17 February 23

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Okta Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
Okta Inc., (OKTA:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, 17 February 23,
OKTA Stock Market Analysis: It kept moving as expected after the exited the trade in profit last month. At this point we can expect a three wave move which seems to have started already and we could be ready to resume lower into wave {c}.
OKTA Elliott Wave Count:  Wave {c} of 2.
OKTA Technical Indicators: Above all averages
OKTA Trading Strategy: Looking for a bottom in wave 2 to then look for longs, we could also double correct and this move could just be wave {a} of 2.
TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta

Okta Inc., OKTA: 4-hour Chart, 17 February 23,
Okta Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
OKTA Stock Market Analysis: It looks like we have had three wave to the downside in wave {a}, however it could also be counted as five down as a diagonal.  
OKTA Elliott Wave count:  Wave {c} of 2.
OKTA Technical Indicators: 20EMA as resistance.  
ISRG Trading Strategy: Looking for support at around 65$ where we have both 1.618 {c} vs. {a} as well as the highest volume.
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    • WD Gann Said over 100 years ago "When TIME & PRICE BALANCE, the trend HAS to change" . Yes, there is a definite maths relationship, Via Gann or Elliot-waves. The pity is I cannot get Gann Angles on IG as they are not properly defined as per Gann, and do NOT REMAIN FIXED AT THOSE ANGLES WHEN YOU CHANGE TO ANY TIMEFRAME!!!!!!!! Even the Gann fan angles, used by all brokers, are a joke. These angles are not set arbitrarily as the system allows, and no means to measure angles!!!!  
    • Making money through trading involves analyzing markets & making informed decisions. One buys assets at low prices & sells them high.To break it down, traders study charts, news, and economic indicators to spot potential opportunities. They use technical analysis to identify patterns and trends and fundamental analysis to assess the health of a market. Timing is key – traders aim to enter and exit positions at the right moments to maximize profit.Also, there are some tips on how to make money fast – they're out there, and they work. But remember, trading isn't a guaranteed shortcut to quick cash. It takes discipline, risk management, and continuous learning.
    • After a poor finish to last week, Asian markets mostly traded in negative fashion on Monday, though some bargain-hunting in the Nikkei lifted that index off its lows. With major central bank decisions out of the way for the time being, the focus now shifts to the possibility of a government shutdown in the US. House Republicans are making efforts to consider stopgap funding measures to stave off a shutdown. Today's major events include the German IFO index, plus testimony to eurozone lawmakers by ECB president Christine Lagarde. 
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