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OReilly Automotive Inc.(ORLY:NASDAQ)Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 23 February 23

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OReilly Automotive Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 

OReilly Automotive Inc., (ORLY:NASDAQ😞 Daily Chart, 23 February 23, 

ORLY Stock Market Analysis: It seems we topped in wave (iii) after breaking the previous top of wave {b}, looking for further upside into wave (iv). 

ORLY Elliott Wave Count:  Wave (iv) of {i}. 

ORLY Technical Indicators: Above all averages.  

ORLY Trading Strategy: Looking for a bottom in wave (iv) to then potentially add longs. 

TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta




OReilly Automotive Inc., ORLY: 4-hour Chart, 23 February 23, 

OReilly Automotive Inc. Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 
ORLY Stock Market Analysis: Looking for a wave (iv) to be sideways, therefore we could have just ended wave a and I would now like to see a sideways movement.  

ORLY Elliott Wave count:  Wave (iv) of {i}. 

ORLY Technical Indicators: 20EMa as support.  

ORLY Trading Strategy: Looking for a bottom in wave (iv) to then potentially add longs.


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    • Yes, there are may time-sized cycle. I will bear in mind your data. It is very good. This is going to be an interesting year forward! All the best.  
    • Here's some more clues as to what the markets are doing - Remember, this just would not work if markets were random This is Gann's Square of Nine (9) - He used it to work on both price and time It's basically a spiral of ORDERED numbers around a circle of 360 degrees, divided into sections  If you look closely enough you will see if you pulled number "1" up and towards you, the form would create a PYRAMID  As you can see in this simpler Gann Sq of 9 below, we can split the sq into GEOMETRICAL harmonics, in this case this is a cardinal cross Get the reference number point "61" and work through 65,69,73,77,81,86,91 etc - you can follow the sequence easily enough and see that those prices are following the natural order sequence of those cardinal point cross points...................... Here's those points in TIME (MONTHS) from the Oct 2022 LOW on the SP500 market - As you can see MANY MANY hits to the month and then the market reversed to some degree - KNOWLEDGE of this method would of allowed you to place those dates on your charts in 2002! YEARS in advance and this is just one method of many that pinpointed the 2009 low from a TIME perspective  THT
    • Short comment today: I've been expecting some "sort" of event that causes "issues" in the generic economy going into Oct 2025 This should be a stock market swing LOW turning point - there's other issues for 2026, where the 666 week "beast" cycle turns up and also the 18 year property cycle crash low too The 66 week "beast" cycle last hit from memory May ish 2013, as its a 12 yr and a bit month cycle it rolls into early -mid 2026 - usually causes wild price fluctuations (check out 2013) Don't write off the bigger cyclic picture we are in, this cycle has a huge win/hit rate above 90% that covers over 200 years of stock market price data and history and we should see the USA market(s) MASSIVELY UP into 2034 THT
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