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Intuit Inc.(INTU:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 28 February 23

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Intuit Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
Intuit Inc., (INTU:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, 28 February 23,
INTU Stock Market Analysis: After the trade in INTU where we got stopped out at breakeven, it is still moving as expected. It looks like it made three waves down into wave A and it is now retracing into wave B finding resistance on the 200EMA.
INTU Elliott Wave Count:  Wave B of (E).
INTU Technical Indicators: Resistance on the 200EMA.  
INTU Trading Strategy: Looking for further downside into wave C.
TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta

Intuit Inc., INTU: 4-hour Chart, 28 February 23,
Intuit Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
INTU Stock Market Analysis: Moving as expected, it looks like wave B could be finished or else we just completed wave {a} of B. Looking for further downside.  
INTU Elliott Wave count:  Wave (iv) of {c}.
INTU Technical Indicators: Averages crossing.
INTU Trading Strategy: Looking further downside into wave C.
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