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Pattern of Bitcoin going up a lot over the weekend!

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I have noticed a pattern that there is a lot of buying of Bitcoin after 10:00 pm on Friday and throughout Saturday so that after Sunday 8:00 am there is a big increase in the price. Last weekend the same thing happened. This week it has happened again. Bitcoin seems to be behaving more like a safe haven albeit an extremely speculative one than say Gold. 


The pattern is there. There was an article, I think it was CNBC, that suggested $5000 for Bitcoin and others suggesting 10000 and 100000. The time to sell is when 'Joe Bloggs' on the street is talking about Bitcoin as an investment and profits. That is why the smart money sells when the real 'herd' enters that arena. 

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Hi  I've just read your last couple of posts on Bitcoin - some great insight! I was curious as to where you thought BTC was going over the 1 week / 1 month / 1 year time frames? I know myself and  are keen crypto enthusiasts, and have been pushing for IG to increase our offering to Ethereum (now available on the trading platform) as well as other offerings. 


Do you trade ETH, or any other Cryptos? Which would you like to see listed on IG.com ?


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My thoughts on Bitcoin are the short term I see if going up and I will continue to believe that unless there is a trend reversal which could happen at any time and it could be violent! In that case I will short Bitcoin and make money as the price decreases. That should answer your 1 week to 1 month question. In terms of 1 year it is very difficult to answer and I honestly do not know or have any real thoughts. Its all about making money now on current trends and I do not tend to worry about time horizon of 1 year. 


I am a big fan of Ether but IG.Com has not been allowing traders to open long positions for the past week or so. This is so frustrating. Profits have been missed as a result. Yes to ETH.


The other cryptos that IG.Com should consider is Ripple, Dash and Litecoin. 

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Afternoon again!


Interesting thoughts on Bitcoin, it's great to hear what you think, and we'd be really keen to hear everyone else's thoughts on this.


You might also find this article quite interesting, it is 3rd party so usual caveats do apply, but do let me know what you think: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-22/bitcoin-money


With regards to going long ETH, my previous post covers why we sometimes restrict this. At present we're seeing large amount of clients buying ETH, and have simultaneously reached our internal limits, which means we can't offer any new long positions. We do review this regularly, and will allow clients to place new long positions as soon as we can.


Same applies to new currencies, we are looking into them, I'll keep you up to speed about any developments. 







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I was looking back and it seems I posted this back in 2017 so two years ago. This pattern still exists now! Bitcoin et all seem to offer great profit potential opportunities during the weekend. 

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    • Trading is a frustrating enterprise @MYK1, as many people point out, losses are part of it.  If you have good stop placement and you get taken out then this ought to have been a loss you were willing to bear (i.e. doesn't kill your account).  It also means you can start fresh.  In the case of GBPUSD the red line is around 12430.  Below that a new set up must be sought (either a new wave 1 bottom or the beginning of a big drop (which ought to be mirrored in other pairs like EUR and AUD with a big rally in USD).  Note, in my book it is perfectly feasible for GBP to put in a new wave 1 (and/or double bottom) and then rally but I would not hold a Long below the red line; I would wait for a new set of signals. Just for info, I did take a Long back at the breakout of the 1H channel, with a stop just below the red line, which I am still holding for a minimal loss if taken out.  I did not add any further positions as I was expecting a pull back (EWT technique), and recent history suggested it would be a strong one (it clearly is, or will break lower...).  That leaves me in a Long already so I will not think about trading another Long until I see a credible turn. As I noted on my EURUSD thread, there is a lower low (for a lower wave B) scenario there too, which must be watched as this is the main USD mirror.  In addition, EURGBP has now put in a higher high and is approaching the long term overhead resistance trend line so ideally we need to see that turn for my lead GBP scenario to bear fruit.  I will post on my Triad thread in due course. Net then I would not be going Long on GBPUSD until I saw a turn on price action, that ideally was backed up by other pairs (especially EURGBP, which means EUR could go lower while GBP rallies).  Any Long should have a stop just below the red line (12430) as you don't want to carry the position into white space.  It is all about minimising exposure and money management really.
    • Stopped me out second time hope this time it will bounce up with power and don't look back lol🙄
    • There are a lot of UBIs on different exchanges may have caused some confusion but IG don't seem to list the company for share dealing, that maybe because it has a low market cap $44 mil. It is on the leveraged platform but listed as 'close only, unborrowable'.