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Texas Instruments Inc.(TXN:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 3 April 23

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Texas Instruments Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
Texas Instruments Inc., (TXN:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, 3 April 23,
TXN Stock Market Analysis: It has been moving higher ever since we entered the long trade. We are looking at much more upside into wave 3 of (3). We just got rid of the triangle scenario as we broke past the top of wave (1).
TXN Elliott Wave Count:  Wave 3of (3).
TXN Technical Indicators: Above all averages.
TXN Trading Strategy: Looking for a clear five wave move to then look for upside.  
TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta

Texas Instruments Inc., TXN: 4-hour Chart, 3 April 23,
Texas Instruments Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
TXN Stock Market Analysis: Looking for a nest within wave {iii} as we seem to be having leading diagonal in wave {i} and (i) which makes sense gien the fact the whole count has been very challenging and many times waves one are the hardest to identify as they get confused with corrective waves.
TXN Elliott Wave count:  Wave (iii) of {iii}.
TXN Technical Indicators: Above all averages.
TXN Trading Strategy: Looking for a pullback in wave (iv).
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