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Lam Research Corp.(LRCX:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 5 April 23

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Lam Research Corp., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

Lam Research Corp., (LRCX:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, 5 April 23,

LRCX Stock Market Analysis: We are looking for a nest within nest {iii} as we expect a sharp upside move in the following days.  

LRCX Elliott Wave Count: Wave {iii} of 5.  

LRCX Technical Indicators: 20EMA as support.

LRCX Trading Strategy: Looking for long term longs after we break higher off this temporary sideways movement.  

TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta





Lam Research Corp., LRCX: 4-hour Chart, 5 April 23,

Lam Research Corp., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

LRCX Stock Market Analysis: Looking for a potential three wave move into wave ii already completed. In order to confirm the count we need to start moving higher relatively soon.  

LRCX Elliott Wave count: Wave iii of (iii).

LRCX Technical Indicators: In between averages.

LRCX Trading Strategy: Looking for upside with a stop below (ii) which is invalidation level.


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