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Bitcoin Cash - USD, GBP & EUR

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Are IG going to offer trading of Bitcoin Cash in USD, GBP and EUR?


If so then when as every day IG do not offer such products is another day of potential profit losing opportunities both long and short. 


Firms like eToro are taking market share from other spread betting and CFD providers when it comes to Cryptocurrency Traders.


If IG are truly the world leading spread betting company then it needs to be proactive and offer such products first and be the first mover in this area. Digital Currencies are not going anywhere. For traders it does not matter if Bitcoin or Ether crash, drop by 50% and then consolidate before the next leg up, etc. All that matters is volatility and ranges where constant profits can be made throughout the day whether they are trending up or down.


I look forward to IG becoming the leader certainly in the UK for UK traders when it comes to Cryptocurrencies. Otherwise I fear competitors will take away customers from IG. eToro has a very big marketing push in this area. 

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Hi  thanks for your message.


BCH will be traded in EUR, GBP, and USD from 9am (UK time) on Monday 21st August, and we will allow you to close this bitcoin cash position if you wish to do so. We will also allow new long positions to be opened on this token. At this time, we will not be allowing new short positions. Only the USD option will be available on the 8am Sunday open, with the other denominations being available from 9pm.


Funding for both new and old positions will be 0.0556% daily for short and long positions, with effect from 10pm Monday 21 August.


Margin rates will be as follows. 


Tier Position size (USD) Margin rate
1 0 - 120 25%
2 120 - 240 50%
3 240 - 480 100%
4 480+ 100%

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Thanks James. I just checked and yes you are right you can only open long positions and the system will not allow you to open short positions.


Ironic as Bitcoin Cash is over 6% down at the time of writing this message! Traders would want to short this today and yet you cannot. 


What is needed now is Ether available in GBP and EUR and then IG would have the top three cryptocurrencies available to trade by market cap in the three main currencies of USD, GBP and EUR.

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