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36 minutes ago, sortaeduard said:

Since I own shares of BBBY which are due to be delisted on May 3, 2023 , what will happen with my shares , will I get replacement shares of BBBYQ that I can trade OTC?

Hi @sortaeduard,

If you hold shares that have been delisted on your IG share dealing account, we can't close the position – as we have no control in this instance. We would have to wait for the company to complete their delisting process which could take several years. Once completed, you may or may not be granted proceeds as a shareholder. If no funds are left over after a liquidation, proceeds are usually not granted.

If a stock has been delisted from the exchange but continues to trade OTC (over the counter), the stock’s status would change to ‘call to close’. This means the stock is now on phone dealing only and you would need to call our helpdesk if you wish to close the position. This is because IG does not offer stocks that only trade OTC. The standard phone dealing charges would apply.

For more details, please refer to our Help and Support page- https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/corporate-events-and-dealing/corporate-action-events/what-happens-if-the-stock-i-am-trading-delists 

All the best,

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