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Indicator windows adjustment

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Hi, I'm new to the platform so forgive me if i'm missing the really ovious answer to this.

After adding indicators to the lower area of my chart eg. RSI, i can't change the height of or minimise the indicator to leave more of the screen to view the tick chart.


Any help appreciated





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Just spoke to to help desk and this seems to be a problem with Firefox browser. When logged in through Chrome, indicators all able to be resized etc.


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Thanks for getting back to the Community. We try and make the desktop dealing platform as 'cross compatible' with all primary browsers, however we do generally recommend Chrome as it's the most stable and has a built in flash player which will always be the most up to date version. Some other browsers often require additional plugins. 


Over time we do iron out the kinks, but I would always suggest trying the following:


  1. First try logging out, restarting your browser and then logging back in. A lot of issues are resolved by the ol' turn it off and on again approach as this sometimes clears old erroneous data and performs any system browser, or plugin, updates.
  2. If issues persist, clear the cache from your web browser. Each browser is different but you'll generally find this option in the settings.
  3. If you’re using our classic platform and your charts are blank, try clearing your flash cache. To do this, click ‘delete all sites’ in the website storage settings panel on this page: https://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html
  4. If your layout are not responding, go to ‘layouts’ in the main tool bar then selecting ‘standard/reset’
  5. If these steps do not solve the issue please try using another web browser to access the platform. We recommend Google Chrome, but also support Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  6. Very finally, and specifically on Google chrome, you may have to allow Flash and make sure it's 'Always On'. In the URL bar where you type in IG.com you should be able to see, in green and on the left, 'IG Group Limited'. Click on here and make sure Flash is set to Always On. 


I hope this helps yourself and others going forwards, but let me know if any further assistance is required :) 

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