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Ether going for it - Bitcoin holding up very well

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Under the current market conditions and circumstances Bitcoin is holding up rather well. It could even go up with the North Korea missile launch over Japan recently. Lets see.


Ether is going up and is performing rather well. It is going for it.


If Bitcoin starts going up today then this will be the third time after any North Korea rhetoric or action that it has gone up when the general market is down which to me is then no coincidence and further evidence that it is trying to behave like a safe haven albeit a very speculative and risky one.


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There are certainly a few people who think along the same lines as you. You may find the below interesting. 


'Bitcoin is becoming a safe-haven asset'

Is Bitcoin the New Gold? 

...and an older article by Bloomberg


I'm also going to post an in depth post about Crypto currency today, and i'll make sure to tag you in the post. There are a few things you may find interesting and it answers some of your previous questions. 


Are there any interesting articles or websites you look at to get your news no BTC and ETH ?

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Thanks for the articles. We can only look at the past three North Korea big scary news items in the past month or so and during those very periods (on the day of the news) Bitcoin has been one of the best performing assets in the entire world. If anyone can name any that have outperformed Bitcoin and Digital Currencies in general then please do share.


I look at Coindesk and Cointelegraph to get news on Bitcoin, Ether, etc. Also the latest on Blockchain technology.

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