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Spread of 40 points on Bitcoin!

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Another 40 point spread on Bitcoin at 6:30 pm on 05.09.17. Where as USD and EUR are 20 points spreads. It means a 40 point move in your direction is needed to simply breakeven!


James has provided an answer to this serious issue. So there is not much IG can do about this.


I may try Plus 500 to see if there are  the same issues with them. I am afraid I may have to switch brokers as IG are just not meeting my needs as a customer that wants to trade Cryptocurrencies. I will have to seriously think about this.

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I just wanted to follow up with this. It looks like spread is back down to 20 points, but Crypto liquidity is still very, very thin. Lets take a look at a real life example below. 


2017-09-05 19_04_48-4430 BTCUSD - Kraken trading platform.png


Here is a very rough sample of liquidity on an actual crypto exchange taken a couple of moments ago. This is one of the largest Euro exchanges in the world. This is for illustrative purposes only as IG sources from a number of different providers, but it does provide clarity and a real life example. 


You have to remember that with IG your deal is leveraged, and therefore if you were to do the minimum size deal to BUY £2/pt on IG (which is equivalent to 2.6 BTC in the underlying market) you would clear the book from 4426 all the way to 4441, which is a 15 point spread in a single direction. If you were to BUY 1 Lot on a CFD account you would be buying the equivalent of 100 BTC (more than you can see on screen, which shows 36 coins but a degraded price of $25, or 25 points spread one way). 


At IG you can generally get better liquidity at a single price point, but I hope this shows that the Spread on IG is basis the actual underlying Cryptocurrency market. It is also important to remember that we have 150,000 clients and must provide exactly the same price to everyone, and often have multiple clients dealing at the same price point. 


So to summaries, it is just a lack of liquidity in the underlying market, and the leverage trading option which IG provide.


We do appreciate your feelings on this though, and we take client sentiment on spread size very seriously, always trying to keep it as low as possible. I shall feedback to the FX and crypto desk on your behalf. 

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    • Trading is a frustrating enterprise @MYK1, as many people point out, losses are part of it.  If you have good stop placement and you get taken out then this ought to have been a loss you were willing to bear (i.e. doesn't kill your account).  It also means you can start fresh.  In the case of GBPUSD the red line is around 12430.  Below that a new set up must be sought (either a new wave 1 bottom or the beginning of a big drop (which ought to be mirrored in other pairs like EUR and AUD with a big rally in USD).  Note, in my book it is perfectly feasible for GBP to put in a new wave 1 (and/or double bottom) and then rally but I would not hold a Long below the red line; I would wait for a new set of signals. Just for info, I did take a Long back at the breakout of the 1H channel, with a stop just below the red line, which I am still holding for a minimal loss if taken out.  I did not add any further positions as I was expecting a pull back (EWT technique), and recent history suggested it would be a strong one (it clearly is, or will break lower...).  That leaves me in a Long already so I will not think about trading another Long until I see a credible turn. As I noted on my EURUSD thread, there is a lower low (for a lower wave B) scenario there too, which must be watched as this is the main USD mirror.  In addition, EURGBP has now put in a higher high and is approaching the long term overhead resistance trend line so ideally we need to see that turn for my lead GBP scenario to bear fruit.  I will post on my Triad thread in due course. Net then I would not be going Long on GBPUSD until I saw a turn on price action, that ideally was backed up by other pairs (especially EURGBP, which means EUR could go lower while GBP rallies).  Any Long should have a stop just below the red line (12430) as you don't want to carry the position into white space.  It is all about minimising exposure and money management really.
    • Stopped me out second time hope this time it will bounce up with power and don't look back lol🙄
    • There are a lot of UBIs on different exchanges may have caused some confusion but IG don't seem to list the company for share dealing, that maybe because it has a low market cap $44 mil. It is on the leveraged platform but listed as 'close only, unborrowable'.