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How tokens benefit from listing on major exchanges

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Investors and traders typically find initial listings to be exciting times; if they aren't eager to monitor the starting price, they are likely anticipating a spike.

How much can the listing exchange influence these hopes? Here are a few things I noticed: 

Frenzy of buying - Traders and investors typically rush to buy newly listed tokens hoping they benefit from their brief price spike in the hours or days following listing.

Increased visibility and liquidity - Tokens listing on top exchanges result in increased visibility and liquidity, which in turn boosts demand and price.

 Promotional influence: The buzz around new listings often has an impact on the price trajectory of tokens. This is especially true when major exchanges  announce or promote the listing of new tokens.

In conclusion, exchanges have a major impact on how newly listed tokens perform, however this may differ amongst tokens or exchanges.

Do you have any of these effects in mind when anticipating a listing? 




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I wouldn't recommend rushing to buy newly listed tokens atleast not as early as immediately though. Yeah, strongly because there's always price retracement anytime a new token is listed so I usually wait for that cool off period to DCA. Also I don't just crowd pick any exchange for buying new tokens; I go with exchanges with proven high liquidity. I remembered when LADYS broke out on Bitget; I DCA with $80. I was almost given up when other exchanges started listing and boom, I was $400 richer. 

That's not all, I also got almost $600 ROI on CGPT!! It's just my strat of always waiting for a support after listing a popular projects that gives me a win always

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    • Hi There - Any update on this??? Or is it time to move my accounts to a platform that can provide DRIPs?  
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