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Staika, $STIK!!!

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Staika web3 project is one that I've not seen for a while cos it's gonna be addressing some salient problems in;

M2E services via GazaGo

P2E services via DefenGo

Wallets, via its wallet, & 

NFT marketplace via its NFT marketplace with a good UX-UI.

Its price trend is looking great with over 15%+ increase in price and a boost in its trading volume. this might be attributed to its fundamental feats and coupled with the fact that Bitget is joining its listing today, hopefully other CEXs will follow suit to send it to the moon. 


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I've been impressed by the vast blockchain services it delivers, I believe it will cause a mass adoption and increase in value ultimately. Also, the various campaigns on the listing exchange you mentioned presents a decent opportunity to scoop the token.

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