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Which CEX Has The Most Wealth Creation Effect

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Gleaning from statistics, I think Bitget has a potential to create wealth opportunities. In the world of CEX native tokens, its token $BGB ranked first with an exponential increase of over 186% thus far. Just last year, Bitget garnered about a 102% .

Piecing all these together, one would notice BGB's growth has been fuelled by the platform's strategic initiatives. There's been quite a number of mechanics that have kept Bitget afloat with an increased demand, and as a known fact demand trumps up price immensely. 

I've been scooping good amounts of $BGB for the rainy day, and I think I'll benefit from it overwhelmingly.

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I quite disagree with you coz Binance BNB is obviously first when talking about exchange native token. BGB is still coming up. I quite agree the future of the token is bright considering the significant and impressive performance of Bitget at the moment but BNB still take the lead.

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Binance is up mostly because also BNB is used for its blockchain, but at the same time the attacks against the CEX, and the trend of the Token are not good. BGB got a huge rise and is having strong performance even without that and even than LEO, which is the token of the CEX that also issues USDT (this report can be found on token insight or Cointelegraph). At this moment I guess that the first objective of BGB is to reach $KCS the token of Kucoin

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Thanks for this info. Yes, $BGB is rising quickly. But BNB got the upper-hand. Its price is quite high, though its price trend is not quite good right now. So $BGB could be a good option for us. At this moment, $BGB is on my watch list, and I hope it will surpass $KCS soon..

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