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what is blockchain? Explained in detail.

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 Imagine you're keeping track of money transactions with your friends on a special digital notebook. This notebook is called a "ledger," and it helps you know who owes how much to whom. Now, think about this notebook being shared among all your friends, but with a cool twist – no-one actually owns it, and everyone can see it. This is sort of like a public ledger.

Well, in the world of cryptocurrencies and technology, this shared digital notebook concept is what we call a "blockchain." Instead of just tracking money, it can store records of various things like transactions, ownership of digital items, or even contracts. It's a way to keep a trustworthy record of these things without needing a single person or organization to manage it.

Here's how it works: Imagine each page of the notebook as a "block." And when there are a bunch of transactions to record, they're grouped together into a block. But here's the cool part – before adding a block to the notebook, the whole gang (a network of computers) has to agree that the information in the block is accurate. This agreement is reached through some math and cryptography magic that ensures the information can't be tampered with.

Once the gang agrees, the new block is added to the notebook and linked to the previous blocks. That's why it's called a "blockchain" – a chain of blocks linked together. And because everyone has their own copy of this notebook, it's really hard for someone to change a previous block without everyone else noticing. This makes it super secure and trustworthy.

Oh, and the security doesn't come from any single person or fancy security guards. It comes from the way the network operates – with all those computers working together and constantly checking each other's work.

So, to sum it up: A blockchain is like a digital notebook shared among a bunch of people, where everyone agrees on what goes in it. This notebook is super secure and transparent, making it a fantastic way to keep track of things like money or ownership without relying on a central authority. That's why people get excited about the potential of blockchain technology for all sorts of applications beyond just cryptocurrencies.

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I love the simplicity you use to explain this powerful technology. Many are still skeptical of its potential but increased institutional adoption amidst proper regulatory mechanism could foster the growth of this industry. I'm also of the opinion that once the industry big players such as top exchanges CEO, VCs and top industry influencers like Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Micheal Saylor, Robert T. Kiyosaki becomes more committed to the realization of its endless potentials, many non-crypto natives will start keying into the industry

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