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The crypto market shows significant recovery as Risk measures Improve.

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The crypto market appears to be showing signs of recovery, with significant improvements in the Sharpe Ratios of Bitcoin, BGB, and Ethereum, according to an article published on Friday. 

The Sharpe Ratio, a measure used to understand the return of an investment compared to its risk, has seen a notable increase for both cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin's Sharpe Ratio has risen from -2.4 to 0.68, while Ethereum and BGB have also experienced a similar uptrend. This change signifies higher returns at lower risk, which is expected to attract more investors to the crypto market.

In addition to the improved Sharpe Ratios, increased network activity and trading volume as shown on CEXs like Bitget, Binance, and a few DEXs are suggesting a healthier market state. The current trading prices of Bitcoin, reflect this overall positive market sentiment. As of Friday, Bitcoin was trading at $27,069.73, BGB at $0.454 and Ethereum at $1,677.89.

These developments are significant as they indicate reduced risk in the crypto market. The increase in the Sharpe Ratios for Bitcoin, BGB, and Ethereum suggests that these cryptocurrencies are becoming less risky investments, which could potentially lead to an influx of new investors into the market.

 Could this rise in Sharpe Ratios coupled with increased network activity and trading volume point towards a recovering and less risky crypto market?

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Bitcoin & Ethereum Jump: BTC/USD & ETH/USD Price Action
Oct 2, 2023 8:00 AM +02:00  |  Manish Jaradi, Strategist | DailyFX

Bitcoin and Ethereum technical outlook: upside capped | IG Bank Switzerland


  • Bitcoin and Ethereum have cleared above minor resistance.
  • Important for BTC/USD and ETH/USD to sustain gains if the rebound is for real.
  • What is the outlook and what are the key levels to watch?

BITCOIN: Takes on vital resistance

Bitcoin’s rise to a minor resistance at the mid-September high of 27500 raises the odds that the two-month-long decline could be over. This follows a hold above strong support at the June low of 24750, which has kept intact the higher-top-higher-bottom formation since the end of 2022. Importantly, this keeps alive the possibility of a further recovery given the sharp 2021-2022 decline.

BTC/USD is now testing a key ceiling at the end-August high of 28150, coinciding with the 200-day moving average. A decisive break above could clear the path toward the July high of 31800, which could be a defining moment for Bitcoin. Any break above would not only trigger a double bottom but would reinforce the bullish medium-term trajectory, first highlighted earlier this year – see “Bitcoin Technical Outlook: BTC/USD Turns Bullish”, published January 18.

BTC/USD Daily Chart


Chart Created by Manish Jaradi Using TradingView

The potential price objective of the double bottom pattern (the June and the September lows) works out to around 39000. Such a move would imply a break above the 89-week moving average and a cross above the upper edge of the Ichimoku cloud on the weekly charts – for the first time since 2022. For the bullish view to unfold, BTC/USD needs to stay above the June low of 24750.

BTC/USD Weekly Chart


Chart Created by Manish Jaradi Using TradingView

ETHEREUM: Beginning to flex muscles

Ethereum’s break above the mid-September high of 1670 appears to have reduced immediate downside risks. This follows a hold above a crucial floor at the August low of 1535, not too far from the lower edge of a declining channel since early 2023.

ETH/USD Daily Chart


Chart Created by Manish Jaradi Using TradingView

ETH/USD is now testing a fairly strong resistance area. This includes the end-August high of 1745, the upper edge of the Ichimoku cloud on the daily charts, and the 200-day moving average. Ethereum needs to break above 1745-1805 for the medium-term recovery trajectory to play out. So far, ETH/USD has been holding above significant long-term support on the 200-week moving average – despite the weakness since 2021, ETH/USD hasn’t decisively fallen below the average.

If this morning’s rebound is indeed a turning point for cryptocurrencies, ETH/USD needs to hold above the stiff support at 1450-1550.

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