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Hi - Welcome to IG Community


The IG Community forum has been created to provide clients with a space to share trade ideas and market opportunities, as well as discover and discuss new IG products and features.


Chat about fundamental or technical analysis, market movers or macro data releases, and help shape IG's futures by giving feedback and suggestions. 


The strength of the IG Community comes from its members, who in turn are supported by an IG moderator team who answer any questions you may have which need a bit of staff input. 


2017-09-22 12_56_30-Document1 - Word.pngIf you've never posted in the Community before take this opportunity to answer the questions below and let us know what you like you trade. In doing so you'll receive your first Community Badge, the'1st Post' badge as shown to the right. Take the time to look through some other peoples answers and maybe 'Like' a reply - someone may do the same to you and you'll receive your second badge.



  1. Let the Community know something about your trade history. Have you ever traded before?
    • If so, what did you trade? What are you interested in and do you have any trade ideas for the future?
    • If not, what markets are you interested in? Commodities, FX, shares?
  2. How do you make your trade decisions? Fundamental or technical analysis?
  3. What do you want to get out of IG Community? Education, trade ideas, help? 


Share what you are looking for and keep an eye out for others who have a similar interest in the markets you are looking at. Trade ideas, education, help and support, and general market discussion is what the Community is for. Don't forget to check out our Community Guidelines


Happy trading.

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  1. I used to trade equity markets and had an interest in technology and the financial sector. After coming to IG a number of years ago I started to trade oil and some other ETF trackers which give exposure to the commodity market. I also have an interest in cryptocurrencies for the underlying technology rather than the price action, so feel free to direct any questions this way. 


  2. I make my decisions of fundamental news articles and macro economic events. I certainly believe technical analysis has a place, and have range traded some commodities in the past. 


  3. My goal with the Community is to be here to help educate IG clients and support trade discussion. Every person who has an IG account has an opinion on market direction, or a political or economic opinion. I'm interested in these views and believe discussion and debate is important within all aspects of finance. 
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Hello all,


I'm not a prop leveraged trader myself, though I do have some long-term investments - including an IG Smart Portfolio - and some cryptocurrency to my name!  I have a keen interest in tracking how markets react to geopolitical events, as well as following economic and corporate announcements and news in general. Hearing different traders' strategies and outlook on the markets is also very interesting.


I'm here to support your journey at IG and get you talking to each other about the markets and how you all use our different platforms. Please don't be shy in starting a discussion!


Any questions just shout,


Have a question? Try searching the community to see if it has already been answered.
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Good afternoon all!


I gained an interest in equities from my previous role at a stockbrokers, since then I have been a regular trader in the equities market. The sector my portfolio is centered on at the moment is Finance/Insurance. The focus I have for the future will be on the US equity market. I feel this is an interesting area that will see scope in the years to come, with a specific look at the construction sector.


The decisions I make in trading are based solely on fundamental and macro data. I feel that technical analysis has a place when trading commodities and FX. However I feel fundamental news and data on equities helps shape my trading decisions. 


Due to my experience over the years in equities, I am here to provide an opinion on political events and how they may cause an impact on prices. I am happy to guide through the different order types available and what a corporate action may entail and break down the specific aspects.


Give me a shout if needed,


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Guest adriandunham

Hello my name is Adrian I am relatively new to buying shares but am finding it extremely interesting and getting me reading articles about companies that are in our everyday lives I am impressed with the iG app . Can you tell me we’re I find the new Young companies to invest with and how easy is it to trade in bitcoin and the new ones coming up ?

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Hi  and welcome to IG and the Community. I would suggest having a good read through of all the educational stuff that IG has on offer. Maybe start here with some 'introduction to trading' guides, download the IG Academy App, and also sign up to a webinar (don't worry if you can't make the exact date / time as you'll be sent a link to watch the video after the event. 


You may already have seen them, but the following Community pages maybe of interest.

  1. 5 places to get trade ideas from the IG Community
  2. 9 places on IG.com to find trade ideas
  3. Understand your potential risk and reward
  4. Filling in your deal ticket
  5. Placing your first trade

Have any further question relating to trading? Pop a question to Community members here

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Guest jasonbuchan70

Hi Guys


My name is Jason. I'm still at the early stages of my trading career still. Whilst I've been with IG for 7 or so years I haven't always actively traded the market during this period. I'm wanting to step this up having over the years become more interested in financial markets and generally how the financial world operates. Having made mistakes, I believe that my goal of being able to trade successfully will be based on how much I educate myself. It is here that I would like to meet other traders, share our knowledge, discuss trading ideas as well as fundamental and/or technical reason for why the trade will be long or short. 

I trade the ASX 200.   

I'm not too sure how we keep in touch, is there a thread somewhere?



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Guest jasonbuchan70

Hi James


Would you be able to let us know where you source the most-up-to-date news articles and macro economic events? 


Thanks mate.



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Hi  and welcome to the IG Community forum. 


There are a number of places you can get news from, however the most convenient is the 'News' section on the new web trading platform. This platform is being rolled out globally over the next few weeks so if you don't have access yet, keep an eye out. You can get live news directly from Reuters as shown below. (On the classic platform you can also navigate to 'News' under 'Tools'). You can also use the twitter feed on the right hand fly out for macro economic data releases and up to date info.


We also have a whole host of information available on IG.com with a list of whats on offer here. Make sure you check back here as we post an EMEA morning call before the UK markets open, and we're looking at creating an APAC one as well. 


If you wanted to look here for indices news you may find stuff relating to the ASX. If not create a new thread and kick off the discussion. 


2017-10-31 08_30_02-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

2017-10-31 08_34_00-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

2017-10-31 08_28_57-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

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Guest Ianboyle

Hey my name is Ian, I've been trading lightly for a few years mostly share dealing, smaller percentage in spread betting, some forex for a while but not anymore and also keep a few crypto-currencies around for good measure. I have a question about automatic filtering of stocks but I'll make a question for that in the proper place, just did, I've linked it below.




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Guest Captain



1. I trade mostly indices, options, and binaries.  I've been doing it for 4 years, and I'm doing it more or less full time now.


2. I'm primarily a technical trader, although I may look at relevant news events..


3. I didn't even know there was a community.  Just got an email about it, thought I'd check it out.

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Guest magellan

I'm same as your point 3 Captain. Everyone has to start somewhere.


I've been with IG for two or three years now. Being risk averse I keep most of my investment funds in the IG ISA zone, but enjoy the occasional flutter in Spreadbetting. My overall strategy is never to end the year with less capital than I had at the start. I spread funds over several asset classes and keep a close eye on the gold market. Can't be bothered with crypto currencies - too risky imo.


Like all wise traders, I accept that mistakes will be made. After successfully predicting and making a small gain on the referendum result, my biggest mistake was leaving open a short position on the FTSE100 when sterling fell. Oh well, we all learn something in this game.


I'll start looking around this Community, I'm sure there are much sharper tips than I'm ever likely to contribute.

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Hi  ,  and  and welcome to IG Community. Feel free to ask questions to other traders or the IG Mods, post trade ideas, and discuss anything to do with the markets. If you have any feature or info you would like to see on Community drop me a note here and we can see what we can do. 

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Guest OldGuysTrade

Hi Traders, just starting out with the ISA and SB platforms. Learning the ropes hopefully in due course. Looks like it can get complicated real quick (Stochastic/Bollinger and Fibonacci).

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Guest Judge125


I am new here to this community and interested to see how it works, I have been trading full time for 2 years now  as a day trader mainly FX, these days. I also look at the dax now and again but my edge is in FX.  I trade using price action technical  analysis,  I also have a share dealing account with IG. Cheers 

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Hi there, first time IG user and opened the account today. I have traded previously years ago using E Trade and made some small gains. This is the first time I have traded shares for about 15 years!

I have found the platform fairly intuitive and easy to use. I am looking to make some medium to long term gains on shares and I work in tech and marketing so I have a good handle on both industries and trends.

In addition I want to have some fun too so this is seemed like the best trading platform and community to do that with,


My initial investments are in mining, carbonated drinks and pharma with 1 technology share for luck.

I am slightly up at +0.6% after a couple of hours before UK markets closed.


Looking forward to learning more as time goes on.

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Hi IG Community,

noobest of the noobs here!   This is my first venture into the stock-market/trading (whatever it's called), and have decided to see what's beyond cryptocurrency.


I've put some funds in my IG account and decided on a long-game strategy, which is a complete antithesis to my usual '****, just go 4 it' approach to life.


I'm here to learn and hopefully gain some passive income from dividends in some tech sectors I have some experience in.


The IG platform appears to be geared towards short term trading, which is something that doesn't appeal to me - am I in the wrong place for buying shares in companies that I believe, will increase in value over the next three to five years?

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hi  and welcome to Community. If you are new to trading I would strongly recommend you checking out the Academy training we offer, as well as a good look over our Youtube channel which may be of interest for trade ideas and education. If you are looking for longer term holdings we do offer a share dealing (stockbroking) account where you can have longer term speculations if you are looking to buy and hold for a number of years. 

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Thanks for the YT channel link, I hadn't found that.   It sounds like the StockBroking account is the one I need,  is that something I can access from my 'normal' IG log-in?  I've not seen a 'stockbroking' link in the dashboard or Account pages, maybe it's labelled something else and I'm not accustomed to the vernacular.




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Thanks for the speedy reply,  I looked at that Platform link but couldn't find a 'Company search'  field, there's a specific company and a particular managed-fund I'm looking for.  I know their abbreviated 'trade code/names', is it a case of scrolling down the list of companies until I find them or is there an easier route?


Aha!  I've found one company!   Next question is what do I enter in those fields shown in the small popup?  Is there a documentation page where I can see an explanation of how the order-type/limit-day should be used if I just want to hold the shares for a long time and not buy/sell in a day market?

 Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.38.51.png



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Aha!  I've found one company!   Next question is what do I enter in those fields shown in the small popup?  Is there a documentation page where I can see an explanation of how the order-type/limit-day should be used if I just want to hold the shares for a long time and not buy/sell in a day market? 

Hi  - you will probably find the following useful as it talks you things relating to filling in your deal ticket etc for the first time: https://community.ig.com/t5/New-to-IG/ct-p/new-trader

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Hi, unfortunately that thread link goes to a 404-not-found.


The specific question I have is what should be entered in the Order type > Order Level field ?   The help-tip mentions a level that applies to a day trade, but I want to leave the shares I buy in my account for years and not have them affected by anything I type into the Order Level field  - I understand the value of the shares may fluctuate, but I don't want the IG system to automatically sell them if they hit a temporary low.    What number should be in that field if I'm buying one share at 26.39?


I also notice the number of shares I can by goes up in increments of 50 (I can buy one share or a multiple of 50), If I wanted to buy a qty between 1 and 50, do I have to repeat the steps of buying one share several times until I reach my desired amount? Will each single 'buy' incur a fee?


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Apologies - I have amended the link (I always seem to post a hyperlink but include a space at the end of it which causes it to break) so it should now work. 


If you are looking to buy shares you can enter the exact number of shares you require, you don't need to use the up / down button.


When you buy shares you're not dealing on margin so can't be stopped out due to insufficient funds, and your deal ticket doesn't have the option to include a stop loss. Therefore all you need to do is input size, and order level. 


For example if you wanted to buy 84 shares, and the market was priced 26.30 / 26.31, you could either set your limit order to buy 84 at 26 (if you thought the market was going to come down) or at say, 26.35 (a price higher than the current market) which would execute the trade immediately. 


I hope this clarifies things but let me know if further assistance is required. 

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Thanks for the update.


I read a bit more about how it works, but when I click the 'Place Order' button it shows an error. I've attached screenshots.

I tried buying 4 shares, which are each priced at 26.03/26.39   I entered 27.40  in the Order Level field. Should I enter 109.60  (27x4).

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.29.57.pngThe error is this...


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.33.16.pngSorry for all the questions, but I don't know if the IG system has an 'undo' or 'correct your entry'  feature, and I don't want to do something dumb that sends my cash into digital limbo where I can't retrieve it.


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Logging out and back in has removed the error, but now the buy is being stopped due to it being 'a US share trade'   - but the company is  'ABB Ltd'  a European company.   is IG a USA platform, do I need to alter the dashboard somehow to only show the UK Stock Exchange?

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