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P&L Breakdown Section Useless



I closed down two trades yesterday for the first time on the new platform, but im having multiple errors on the P and L breakdown screen.


Both trades had been live for a month and they are showing as opened and closed on the same day i closed them.


Both trades were long trades and are showing as shorts.


The funding and borrowing cost section is showing 0 and ive be paying interest costs on both positions and need to know them otherwise im not getting a true profit/loss showing.


I cant send you the opening or closing reference numbers as the codes are unreadable.


So the P and L breakdown screen is totally useless the moment.


Any help sorting this please, or i will have to move my money to a new platform that can manage this.





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Hi - thanks for your post relating to trade history. I can confirm that there is an issue with the trading statements which is being looked into as a priority by our Incident team. We have resolved one of the issues which is currently being testing in our control environment and should be rolled out on the PM release on Friday, however other aspects are still being investigated.


I'd like to apologise for this and I will try and let you know as soon as we have an update. 

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The problems have not been resolved:


My positions closed earlier than 18th September cannot be seen.

The funding for positions closed in September are incorrect (the funding has increased).

Commissions are not deducted from any of the closed positions.

Consequently the closing total for each position is incorrect.



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I have POA over three other accounts.  I normally use the L2 Dealer platform to trade as I can place trades on all four accounts simultaneously.  The "My Account" option opens a browser page, where previously it was possible to select the particular account, and then look up historical data for that account.  Last November this changed for the worse since selecting a different account sent the page into an unending refresh loop.  This problem was reported, but about a year later nothing has changed.


To get round this I had to log out of L2Dealer and then log on to the browser-based platform.  This platform allows me to switch accounts and to look up the historical data.  A short time ago this function changed, and whilst allowing access to all other data it ceased to show the historical P&L data for the three POA accounts.  I receive the statement that there are no data available, although looking at the activity or transaction data one can see that trades have been executed.


To get around this, it was necessary to log in to each account individually, which is time consuming.  However, now no P&L information is available for trades executed after last weekend.


Now we come to the shiny new platform.  This appears to work fine (well almost) for each individual account, where one can get up-to-date P&L information.  However, the ability to view or trade on the three accounts for which I have a POA has disappeared completely, meaning that the only way I can do this (apart from using the other two platforms - L2Dealer or the old browser-based platform) is to log in to and out of each account sequentially.


The "well almost" above refers to the current deficiency in the P&L reporting for open trades, where the current P&L on the trade is not included in the information given, meaning one has to take the add the "Total" figure shown in the P&L report to the current status from the "Open positions" window.  Another minor issue is the coding used in the downloadable P&L reports where an extra character has suddenly started appearing in front of the £ sign.


I hope that the old platforms are not going to be phased out and shut-down.  Also I hope that once the new platform has been rolled out some effort can be invested in putting right the current account access and P&L issues.


Maybe somebody from IG would like to comment on what we can expect in future.


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