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The Binance Ban In Nigeria And The Way Forward For Nigerian Crypto Enthusiasts.

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 As customary with nascent innovations finding its feet, cryptocurrency has generally faced dissent from a lot of entities, the most recent of which is the Nigerian Government’s ban of Binance, Coinbase and Octafx.

These seeming concerted efforts by the government is aimed at averting what it considers ‘’continuous manipulation of the Crypto and Forex Market and illicit movement of funds’’.

Binance has recently confirmed the inability of some of its Nigerian users from accessing its website. The government contends that it moved against binance and other firms to curb money launderers from executing their criminal activities. But sha, who this one come epp? Lol. 

Following this recent announcement, certain services have been shutout to Nigerian crypto users, this has caused hysteria and panic among Nigerian Crypto Savvy geeks.

While the concerns of the Nigerian Government may seem valid, other regulatory compliant platforms are still being operational in the country. Hence, users are advised to leverage on these alternative platforms for crypto services.

Personally, I recommend a reliable CEX like Bitget owing to its immensely easy P2p and crypto investing pedigree. It is a worthy alternative if you ask me. It can cater to every crypto use-case taking a cue from its features. Others like Bybit and MEXC also exist.

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