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The Wiki Way: How IQ Aims to Separate Crypto Fact from AI Fiction

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With how fast crypto is evolving, IQ wants to help make sense of it all for people. It's like a crypto Wikipedia with guides and resources explaining everything - NFTs, DeFi, blockchain basics, you name it.

But with all the misinformation out there and AI like ChatGPT generating content, how useful are human-run knowledge platforms like IQ for getting reliable crypto info? 

Here are some key things about IQ:

- There's an IQ token that lets users contribute and vote on content. It's available on Bitget, binance and some dex..You can also stake the token for rewards.

- IQ uses Polygon to record edits on the blockchain. This verifies the accuracy of information. 

- AI is used in some areas like summarizing articles to simplify learnings.

- An ecosystem of Web3 apps is in development, like IQ Code to audit smart contracts. 

So what do you think about this community-run model with tokenized incentives? Does IQ strike the right balance between AI automation and human know-how? How important are services like this for cutting through the noise as AI content creation keeps advancing?

I'd love to hear thoughts on this folks..

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