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The Growth of A Web 3 Based "Siri" ; The Importance Of AI Assistance.

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In a strict bid to attend to the needs of the teeming users, a couple of AI assistant tools have been developed.

These are built through the instrument of the blockchain technology to cater to the needs of crypto enthusiasts. It is along these lines that projects like Octavia have been built.

Thus, Octavia is a cutting edge AI assistant developed to help with crypto needs. With the project’s deep rooted foundation in crypto knowledge, direct access to on-chain information, and a connection to the internet, Octavia stands as a worthy go to place for research, trading and more. 

Its framework is cloud connected both with the internet and blockchain which enables her conduct research, leverage on search engines and visit websites. 

To usher in a seamless scope, you can communicate with Octavia through discord and telegram and your prompt would be recognised.

Strikingly, the inbuilt memory of the project is built to recognise your preferences by learning about you. This makes for an increasingly personalised assistance. Good thing is, you can view it through the lens of ioS ‘’siri’.

The project is clearly filled with a whole lot of use cases and tokenomics that make it a worthwhile investment.

The project has received considerable spotlight from tier one platforms like Bitget that have listed its native token $VIA. Additionally, there is a deposit to earn event. The criteria and prerequisite for this is quite simple, you just need to deposit about $50 to be eligible to win off of the $VIA prize pool of about 5k$.

This is a seemingly good and easy way to earn more $VIA and have in your altcoin bags. I have participated in some of these events and i think it is worth sharing.

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