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Elliott Wave Analysis Highlights: Navigating Commodity Market Trends with Confidence

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Elliott Wave Analysis Update for Commodity Markets: Bitcoin, Bonds, Yields, USD/DXY, Gold, Silver, Iron Ore, Copper, Uranium, Crude Oil, Natural Gas

In the latest update on Elliott Wave analysis for commodity markets, there's positive momentum for the Dollar, Yields, and Bonds, though they haven't yet solidified their trends through Impulse waves. Conversely, Gold, Silver, and Forex pairs like EURUSD and AUDUSD are showcasing clear movements, which in turn, help to clarify the trajectory for the Dollar, Bonds, and Yields. If this analysis holds true, it could pave the way for a revaluation of commodities, supported further by China's economic ascent. Currently, the strategy involves taking long positions in Gold and short positions in Natural Gas.

00:00 US Dollar Index, DXY / TLT Bonds. US Gov Bonds 10 Yr Yields
05:15 Bitcoin (BTC)
18:03 Precious Metals: Spot Gold XAU /GDX ETF / US Spot Silver XAG 
26:04 China Index: Base Metals: Iron Ore, Copper XCU/USD. Uranium URA ETF / China / Nickel / Lithium
34:35 Energy: Crude Oil WTIOIL / Natural Gas NG
38:39 End


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