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How do you edit candle line colors and outlines?

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We've just been changed to the new platform, and whilst it's a major improvement it has created a new problem. The old candles used to have a black outline around the main body with the black lines for the tails (movements). Now that the candles and lines are the same colour, the lines are more difficult to see at a glance on high resolution laptop screens as they are so fine and less distinct. After a while it becomes very tiring. Is there a way in candle settings that the old candle option can be included? The candles are also too close together. These may seem like small details, but make the charts info less less easy to read at a glance when switching quickly between different charts.

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Hi thanks for your feedback on the new web trading platform. You can actually change the settings you are referring to (along with far more customisation of the platform itself) so hopefully the below will help.


Right click on your chart ...

2017-10-19 09_35_34-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png























...select customise appearance, and then make your changes. You can also increase the line 'weight' to make it thicker. 


2017-10-19 09_36_11-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png


Hope this helps but let me know if we can assist further. (I've also edited the title of you're message slightly which maybe useful for other community members - hope that's ok) 







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Thanks for the response. We've already tried the candlestick customisation menu but couldn't see how to change the candlestick design back to the design of the classic candlesticks, which are much cleaner and more distinct. In other words a red or green candlestick with a black border which prevents the candles from merging into each other, and the wicks' lines being black. It also appears that the candles are closer together, which makes it even harder to distinguish between them. I may have missed something in using the customisation facility. If so, I'd appreciate it if you could explain whether it's possible to recreate the design of the classic candles.

Many thanks


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