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Good morning, 


I'm trying to place a limit buy for Berkshire Hathaway's B class shares in my share dealing account, but when I try I get the message "The market you have requested is no longer available online". This is on the IG Index Android app. Is this just a temporary issue or do I really have to phone to trade this?


I am able to place a spreadbet order through the Android app, no problem. However, I really only want to buy a small exposure (about £600), and not the ~£4500 worth that I would be effectively have at the minimum bet of 0.24 pence per point. (18864 * £0.24 = £4527.36). [see my post in the suggestions forum about allowing smaller bet sizes...]


Thanks, Anders.

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Thanks James. I should have said I was trying to place a limit GTC order, but I assume the same time based rules apply. I was able to place the order, so thank-you.

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    • Hi KoketsoIG, Thank you for the clarification on that. Cheers
    • Dear @millennium_falcon, Hey there! Thank you for reaching out. Just a heads-up, you can only have one API key for each environment, either live or demo. No third API key can be created.  Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • To clarify my understanding. From my Usecase, I have three separate programs all operating interdependently from one another. A program to subscribe to tic data on a number of Epics via the LightStream API, another to grab historic on a number of Epics via the REST API, and finally another to manage positions via the REST API. I need to do this on my demo account initially to get API code stabilized. The IG website specifically says that I need separate API key for each distinct program connecting to IG over REST or LightStream. So in my understanding it looks like I need three API keys all for the demo account. Am I missing something or have I misunderstood how to use these API keys? I am aware of the API request limits and this is why I assumed you need a key per program. Currently I have one API key for the demo account and cannot seem to add more keys to the demo account? I have looked at the FAQ and cannot see an answer for my query.
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