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How do you use the new web trading platform?

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The new web trading platform comes packed with a load of new features, but we wanted to ask those within the IG community which ones they use most, how they have their trading platform set up, and what else they would like to see. All feedback will be passed back to the dev teams so any input could help shape the future of your IG trading platform. The question we are therefore putting to the Community is this...


How have you set up your new web trading platform, and why?


I have decided to give three examples below to kick things off. You can also check out this section if you are looking at new web trading platform releases in general - it's worth a browse.


If you include a screenshot please make sure you're not including any personal info such as balances / account name etc. 


FX ticket view (click picture to enlarge)

  • Dark theme for longer periods in front of the screen.
  • Multiple deal tickets for quick easy trading.
  • One click dealing turned on for fast execution.
  • Signal center loaded which prompts trade ideas.
  • Tweets and notifications on the right for macro event data.
  • Separate work space with charts opened in new browser window so you can split over two screens.
  • Large chart for technical analysis, with alerts, positions and working orders easily accessible.

2017-10-17 12_38_27-.png

2017-10-17 12_45_38-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png



News trader (click picture to enlarge)

  • IG Live video which auto broadcasts as/when live shows are on.
  • Prominence of news tab to browse different asset classes leading articles.
  • Twitter for up to date news. 
  • Alerts set to trigger and push through to mobile app.

2017-10-17 12_51_35-.png



Multi-chart (click picture to enlarge)

  • Different chart layouts, technical indicators, and trading strategies on each one.
  • Access to news, open positions, alerts etc from the left hand fly out to keep off the desktop. 
  • Signals and news also under each relevant chart as required. 

2017-10-17 13_01_25-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

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    • I think those swings were tradeable with a reduced position size on the Nikkei which tends to respect weekly pivots during European and American trading hours.
    • @dmedin, I don't know the answer but there may be others on the IG Community that are more knowledgable than me or even use EWT both successfully and are hugely profitable applying it. They may be aware of certain assets where the probabilities of using EWT are in their favour due to confirmed historical evidence. There may well be evidence that certain assets adhere to EWT more than others on a historical basis. Of course that does not guarantee that the assets will do so in the future but it just increases the odds and the likelihood of it occurring again.  Just because I don't have the knowledge or evidence does not mean such assets do not exist where the application of EWT would be greatly increase your chances of successful and profitable trades. I personally do not use or apply EWT to my trading and it has not hindered me. I would be interested in knowing which assets adhere to EWT more than others and what the percentages are. For example are there any assets which adhere to EWT historically over 70%? Let us put Natural Gas to one side for the moment as I personally think due to the extreme volatility you would have to be a supreme EWT technician to be able to consistently make profitable trades on Natural Gas using EWT. If you put NG to one side then are there any other assets which say adhere to EWT historically from say 50% - 70% of the time? I do not know the answer but if anyone does know then it would be very interesting and helpful to the IG Community, especially for those who are genuinely interested in EWT and applying it to their trading.  Also for those assets which say do adhere to EWT over 50% of the time how does a trader know that it will so on the next trend, next move up or down, etc? How does one establish apart from a failed trade after the event on whether the asset is going to adhere to EWT?
    • S&P has tested that trend line and is now blasting into outer space.  🥳