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Telecoms In Web3; $ZBU As One Of The Foremost Platforms.

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Slow and steady, almost every part of the world is onboarding itself into Web3 and the CryptoSpace. Currently, telecom carrier businesses are making their debut to the crypto scene. 

Following this, $ZBU is the world's first loyalty token created for telecom carrier businesses. Interestingly, this is specially wired to engineer telecom transactions. Consequently, $ZBU token being the key component and fuel of the Zeebu platform, plays a very integral role in enabling smooth global transactions and introducing on chain loyalty mechanisms.

This project seeks to usher in a paradigm shift in the world of telecoms by simply providing a decentralised environment for voice traffic exchange. As opposed to traditional telecom providers whose voice traffic exchange is often plagued with inefficiencies like; opaqueness, remittance delays and revenue leakages. 

$ZBU has received immense traction thus far, from raising over $25 million at presale the token has shown significant growth thus far reaching an all time high of about $4.9 on March 8th, 2024.

Owing to this projects traction and growth thus far, it appears as one destined for immense growth. Bitget have thrown weight behind the project by listing it and adding passive earning opportunities to it. Good thing is, you can simply deposit to earn a chunk of it on the platform. Passive earning at its finest i must say. 




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