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Goldfinch–Eschewing overcollaterization of crypto in DeFi Lending/borrowing 

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While DeFi posseses many uses, perhaps the most widely adopted thus far has been protocol-specific money markets. Decentralized money markets enables users to borrow, lend, and stake crypto assets when they provide liquidity to the protocol through different types of collectivized liquidity pools.

This may sound pretty straightforward, however it's faced with certain limitations–most notably, the current lending protocols require excessive collaterization with crypto, preventing many borrowers from participating.

With the goal of proffering solutions to the aforementioned challenge, Goldfinch has been designed with the principle of "trust through concensus", one that will permit borrowers to pass creditworthiness test based on other participants' assessment as against the typical crypto collateral demands.

Goldfinch Protocol has been designed with various core components including Auditors, Backers, Borrowers, Borrowers Pool, Liquidity Providers, etc. each playing their distinctive roles.

Also worthy of note is the native token $GFI powering the ecosystem with its vast usecases including governance, Auditors staking, early backer rewards amongst others. Having launched on Bitget, the token's appreciating value and the campaigns launched on the CEX in tandem with the listing has unlocked opportunities for Goldfinch community.

By simplifying lending/borrowing, Goldfinch I'd say is living DeFi very essence of allowing users perform financial transactions unrestricted, seamlessly and more productively. 

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