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ROOST: The Rising Meme Coin on Base Chain

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Recently, the meme coin market has turned its attention to Coinbase’s BASE crypto ecosystem, witnessing explosive price surges that have propelled tokens like ROOST to the forefront. ROOST serves as the mascot of the Base ecosystem, dedicated to safeguarding, guiding, and fostering the growth of the BASE community.

Amidst significant buzz, it has emerged as a hot topic of discussion across platforms like Solana and Base. With a monumental presale and strong community support, it quickly soared to a $100 million market cap, raising approximately $11 million within just 24 hours.

Characterized by burned liquidity, revoked ownership, and a 50% LP with 50% presale, it stands out as one of the newest meme coins on Base, having launched in March. Despite its recent debut, it is yet to experience its first explosive price surge, making it an intriguing prospect for investors.

As Bitget exchange prepares to list ROOST, investors have the opportunity to get in on the action early, potentially capitalizing on future rallies. With over 48.5k followers and notable transaction activity, it is poised for further growth and attention in the meme coin ecosystem.

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