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Chart Spikes

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I have been complaining for months about the spikes on the daily charts. This is unbelievably unreliable for a company like IG. Charts are critical to assessing whether or not to trade and this is making it impossible to accurately assess a stock on your platform. Its even happening on large caps like Apple. Anyone had any more news on what is happing here?

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You're not the only one, this is just one of my posts in this regard.




They did make an effort to correct charts a while back after I kept reporting them through ProRealTimes' reporting facility in their charting package. There were so many defective charts, and there still is, it meant I was reporting a multitude every day. They then just gave up and when I complained I was more or less told it was not a good use of their time or it may have been that they did not have the resources. I don't exactly recall now, it may have been a bit of both. They went on to say that, as I was not trading all the stock charts I was reporting they would correct the ones I wanted to trade. Of course, that is completely ridiculous as I do not swing trade a stock unless its chart pattern looks right. Impossible to do with all the false spikes not to mention the multitude of charts which remail unadjusted for splits etc.


I have referred to PRT charts but understand that as they use the same data for their new charts the same problem will exist with those too. I use PRT charts as their new charts do not provide basic and simple indicators to allow me as a swing trader of mostly stocks to do TA. If interested please see the thread below:




They have obviously spent a lot of money on the development of their new charting package and continue to do so by adding bells and whistles. What I find incredulous is that they appear to be unconcerned about the integrity of the data they are supplying to their charts. What good is a charting package if the data suppling it is defective and the charts are not maintained to accommodate for adjustments such as stock splits?  Adding bells and whistles is a waste of time. It does not matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig.

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    • Hey @dmedin I've spoken to the marketing team about this. Although we have the footnote regarding the 6 hour time off, I do see where you're coming from so I will pass on the information. Luckily they sit very close to me!  Thanks for leaving your feedback
    • Bitcoin continues to follow my road map.  The 8800 level remains a vital resistance zone but right now a more important zone of support is coming up.  This is an area I highlighted previously as a make or break as I feel a break lower through this area (circa 7200, the Fib 62% level, or between 7000-7400) would suggest a full breakdown in the market and possibly signaling the end is nigh. The fundamentals could be construed as supporting this scenario if you believe the price action is more indicative of a highly speculative mania.  Certainly the % or IG traders Long suggests that everyone is eager for another massive rally, despite the technicals...  In order for crypto to supplant either Gold as a store of value or Fiat currency as a means of barter the speculation has to stop and cryptos like Bitcoin (well in fact for the ultimate vision to become reality there can be only one really) have to be essentially valueless (in the sense that it cannot be valued in USD).  Crypto has to resolve the split personality issue as well.  Is it a challenge to Gold or a challenge to Fiat?  Can it credibly be both?  If we get a major financial system crash in the near term I don't think any of the Cryptos will be sufficiently established to be either.  So that leaves speculation for now and such markets are not much different to other speculative financial markets so for now I am leaning towards a bounce off the bottom of the consolidation Triangle (maybe around the Fib 62%) and a final rally. If that occurs then the projection for a rally end is about 18000, which is lower than the previous ATH as around the Fib 88.6% level.  However that unclosed gap still lurks around 6000...  Interestingly the 8800 level is setting up to align with a break of the upper Triangle line.  If we do see a bounce then the next big make or break will be a test of that resistance zone and a breakout of that to the upside should herald a big rally phase.
    • First a miss from Cat and then a slight beat from Boeing though with a reduced production outlook sees Dow down then climbing back up from S2.