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Engines of Fury: A Top-Down Extraction Shooter with P2E

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Recently, we saw some innovative Game-fi projects like Undead hit the ground running and ignited interest of investors. This time though, it is Engines of Fury which has popped up on the radar.

Engines of Fury (EoF) is a unique top-down extraction shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world fighting off mutated creatures in a story-driven campaign.


EoF has an in-game economy powered by its $FURY token. Players forge NFTs to upgrade their characters and trade them. What sets it apart is it's P2E mechanics, rewarding skilled players with $FURY tokens and NFTs.


The developer's ambitious goal? To become the first game to introduce over 3 billion gamers to the exciting world of crypto and are set to be listed on Bitget soon.



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23 hours ago, XTRAVAGANZA said:

Introducing 3 billion gamers to crypto would disrupt the GameFi space, my fingers are crossed to see how they will achieve this. Meanwhile the listing on a few top tier exchanges today is a good start.

With the backing they have gather, coupled with the enthusiasm of the growing community, I believe they are definitely one to keep an eye on! 

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