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Need help for understanding tainted funds

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I recently sent Sats to my wallet at a major exchange, and they blocked my account saying the money is tainted. I don’t understand this at all since I accumulated the money through different legal dev projects over time.

Is there any tool or way I could verify the taint on my own?

Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi mn, 
You mean you'd like a tool to understand where the funds come from ?

Why don't you just ask the exchange why they blocked you? What is the exchange in question ? The big ones have responsive support. 

Regarding checking the risk score, I have just heard of a new tool called scoremycrypto.com. They only do BTC for now but it's free. I think TRM and Crystal also help check. 



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Have you reached out to the exchange for more details? As for verifying the taint, some blockchain explorers offer tools to trace transaction history. It might also help to review your transaction history and see if any previous transactions could be flagged. 

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