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Hi I am using the Demo account or trying to . What i am finding is when the Pairs Etc are showing and I try clicking on the

tab to open a chart for any  Pairs Etc  The chart Sceen comes up with the pairs Showing at the top But for what ever reason the main body of the screen where you would expect to see The candles Etc is totally Blank

I have tried both Firefox & Chrome . to see if it was a Browser Problem

Still have the same issue Can anyone Help Please

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If your IG charts are not working, try the following:

  1. Open your chart in a different web browser.  For example, if you usually use Windows Explorer, try Google Chrome. We recommend Chrome as a default browser. All the support below relates to Chrome, however different browsers may have different methods.
  2. Make sure that you’ve allowed ‘Flash’ for the IG.com website. Simply right-click on ‘IG Group Limited’ in the address bar, and select Flash > Always allow.
  3. Clear your cache and browsing data. You should usually be able to find this under the ‘settings’ or ‘history’ section in most browsers. On Chrome, click the options button in the top right-hand corner, and then ‘more tools’ and ‘clear browsing data’. Make sure to tick the first three boxes, and then click ‘clear browsing data’.
  4. Please clear your Flash cache by clicking on this link and selecting ‘delete all sites’ in the website settings storage panel towards the top of the screen.
  5. Please make sure that your Flash player settings are correct, depending on whether or not you have a 32 or 64 bit computer. This link will provide you with the correct software.
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