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Profitable 100 ticks weekly Dow Dax daily options strategy


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This week I am down 50 ticks , this is normal to lose to gain.



Support and resistance. ... In stock market technical analysis, support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of a security will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined price levels. These levels are denoted by multiple touches of price without a breakthrough of the level.


We buy the supports on this system, technical analysis  is not reliable in the very short term, support get broken.

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I made a mistake on that trade, by missing out on a trade, just have a laugh about it  rather than getting stressed.

It is a way I handle  mistakes , rather than getting stressed and in a mess.It is important to have a stress free trading mind.



There is something to learn about coping with mistakes.Here is the alternative to the clown.Better to laugh it out .


stressed out trader.jpgstressed out.jpgstressed.jpg






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 I post this to show how I trade  and reduce risk on a trade


I bought option 13190 for 31 , later  at a favorable price I sold  1320 call for 21, so my net risk is 10  for a potential reward of 30.


If i can keep my profits low and risk very small, I can get consistent weekly profits.



dax spreads.jpg

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    • Very strange, when you think that they handle rights issues properly (including on CFD and spread-bet accounts) yet those similarly involve the holder having to make an election whether or not to take up their shares.
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    • IG.com made me loose thousands of pounds as it does not pay the Hammerson enhanced scrip dividend. You are the only major share dealing company that does this. If I held shares with Hammerson in a dealing account on IG on 28 October 2021 you will not receive the enhanced scrip dividend. Last time it meant receiving a cash dividend of 0.2p rather than shares valued at 2p, a huge difference of 10 times. IG.com has done a rights issue Corporate Action for Hammerson before, so it is baffling why they are unable to complete this FTSE250 Corporate Action. Pathetic
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