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Kryptonite 1 PLC - Blockchain arena hotting up!

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When carrying out some research on Coinsiliium I came across a company called Kryptonite 1 PLC which is also listed on the NEX Exchange and which is also a investor in high growth Blockchain start up companies.


Whether Bitcoin succeeds or fails, whether Bitcoin continues upwards or at some point crashes, Blockchain is here to stay and is the future. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as it is also known is finding more and more uses from shipping, medical records, bank transactions, etc. Cryptography and Cryptology have been around for many years but now it is becoming as vital as the Internet was twenty five years ago.


It could be argued that Blockchain could be more important than the Internet. The internet is used to access information and to communicate. However Blockchain could be used to streamline, make more efficient, reduce time, reduce cost, etc. in relation to bank transactions, storing of medical records, birth certificates, death certificates, wills, assets that one owns and so much much much more.


Coinsiliium has already gone up 400% over the past year and nearly 200% over the past month alone. Kryptonite 1 is matching the trend. On-Line Blockchain PLC though at present is utter garbage is trying to jump on the bandwagon of Blockchain and saw its shares roar 300% + on just one day on a name change. Blue Star Capital PLC is also trying to join in the party with its investment in SatoshiPay. This area is hotting up and getting very exciting. This may be another way to join the party without taking the gamble on Bitcoin and without having to speculate on Bitcoin. Sometimes it is the people that make the company great as they run it after all. It is blockchain the technology that makes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies great. Bet on the people you think will make a company successful and bet on the technology that makes digital currencies great.

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KR1 PLC is still at a very early stage. However, it is good at exiting investments profitably and has done so over the last couple of years.

Yes, this profit is small at the moment but it is gaining traction even during the bearish Crypto phase. 

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KR1 generating “significant revenues” from investment in ‘proof-of-stake’ Cosmos Network


For anyone who is interested in this company, it trades on the NEX Exchange. It is not available to trade on IG. It is a far more illiquid market so investors and traders alike must be fully aware of this. 

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KR1 PLC is another company which is the blockchain space and blockchain is gathering some real momentum and traction at the moment. The share is listed on the NEX Exchange where generally stocks are illiquid. It seems that the large decline has occurred in line with the broader Cryptocurrency market. It seems the consolidation period has occurred. There has been recent upside and this could potentially  be just the start. I stress potentially and the fundamentals may not translate into share price appreciation. From a value investing perspective it seems like an attractive entry point for those who were not savvy enough to enter near its lows. 

I want to share the following recent article in relation to this company below:

KR1 aims to capitalise on blockchain revolution


Another article I want to share is in line with the previous post I submitted on this thread.

KR1 Plc 'thrilled' investment in Cosmos beginning to generate 'significant' yield


Now in the grand scheme of things this is a very tiny company (acorn one could argue). It is not a small cap. It is even smaller. It not a micro cap. It is even smaller. It is a 'Nano Cap'. Therefore it is extremely high risk and is operating in a niche area. This is not an investment to be considered for those who do not have an understanding of the potential and the great risks associated in investing in this area along with the high level of risk tolerance required. For those who do have an interest / passion and knowledge in this area may be interested in such a company. 

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No doubt as soon as I post this it will be flooded out so that many of you cannot see but one can only hope!

KR1 PLC released its final results via RNS this lunchtime.

KR1 plc

Final Results


Now of course this will not take into account the substantial increase in the valuation of Cosmos which KR1 PLC has invested in.

@JamesIG, I noticed that even the IG Analyst on the main page stating Bitcoin has gone up over 100% is mentioning during the recent correction that affected altcoins, Cosmos increased in price. I know the answer but if only IG could offer Cosmos to trade.

I include below an interesting article which may be of interest to some of you should you get the chance to actually view this thread due to severe flooding 😂. I mean the only other way you would find this thread is to trawl through the Cryptocurrency / Blockchain section. 

KR1 PLC predicts we've seen the Bitcoin bottom with significant growth ahead


One must remember that the results for KR1 PLC will not include the resurrection of Cryptocurrency prices from 1st January 2019 to date and the uplift of some the token projects it has invested in. 

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Another positive RNS released by KR1 PLC. One must remember that this is smaller than a small cap. It is smaller than a micro cap. It is a nano cap hence the smaller revenue figures involved. One must put it in perspective. 

KR1 plc

Portfolio Update: Cosmos & Staking Yields


The article below is also relevant to another thread I have started - Cosmos - Atom by TrendFollower if anyone is interested in this. 

KR1 nets over US$300,000 from sale of ATOM tokens


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KR1 PLC is a very interesting share. It is listed on the NEX Exchange. It has some very interesting and exciting investments in itself portfolio. 

It has released the following RNS to the market last week. 

KR1 plc

Investments: Nym, Nexus and Alice



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    • yes they will be on less charts but I understand your point about the size of the moves in ftse, no harm in trialing them though you might find marking out the immediate prior high and low has more relevance.  
    • Yeah, I keep an eye on volume, that's why it's showing at the bottom of my chart However, I haven't been able to discover a strong relation between volume spikes and trend direction. Sometimes I see orders of the magnitude of 10-20k and the chart doesn't do anything special. Other times you see just average volume and the chart does huge turnarounds. For example what happened at 8.30 with that spike down and then going straight back up and making new highs vs previous candle? All happened on low volume
    • @jameswalker1 my recommendation is trade the demo account to get a better understanding of the costs associated. I traded demo for nearly 2 years before placing my first real trade. It will save you in the long run to get a better understanding of the costs involved.