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Help with buying shares on ig over the counter (otc)

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HI all

I am new to share dealing and have set up a isa share account and have purchased some shares on the ig platform. One company i wish to buy shares in is not listed on ig main markets and on the web it says shares can be bought otc. IG says it supports otc, can anyone give any information how i would place an otc trade on IG?.


Many thanks


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Hi  and welcome to IG Community.


Please let me know which stock you are looking at and I will look into this for you. 

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Hi - this stock is already on the IG platform. You should be able to find this if you have a CFD or spread betting account.


2017-11-17 12_31_14-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

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Hi, James,


I want to transfer my otc stock ARTH (Arch Therapeutics) to my newly created IG account.  Do you handle this stock?



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Hello, I am also having trouble finding an OTC stock.


Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC)


Any ideas where it is listed or where I can find it?

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Hi  - unfortunately we can't deal in US OTC stocks, and hence you won't be able to find this on the platform. 

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Guest US OTC

Can one buy US OTC stocks now via IG platform? Both in the trading account and in ISA?

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    • Thanks for the feedback.  I currently use TV for my technical analysis, as the features available on IG platform are not quite on par. The fundamental data functionality is good if you are looking / using at a micro level, but not quite what I'm after.  Providers I had in mind were the likes of Stockopedia, MorningStar premium etc. - something that can a consolidated view in an easily digestable / usable manner.   
    • If in the UK you can buy physical silver (coins or bars) from the royal mint or royal mint authorised dealers. Just search the internet. You probably want to buy whatever is captial gains tax exempt (I think silver britannias are). Shop around for the best price and also be careful about VAT as I think you may have to pay that on some purchases and not on others . Of course when you buy physical silver in UK as an investment you also have to consider what GBP/ USD is up to as any change in  exchange rate in future will affect your return (as silver is priced in USD). If you don't want physical then you could buy shares in a silver ETF (eg. SSLN) which is  backed by physical metal or if you want to spread bet it you could buy spot silver. It all depends why you want to buy it. If just as an investment then you get a better return buying etf or spread betting (easier to cash in when you want to and potentially less hassles with tax). If you are worried the banking system will freeze up and you can't get money out at some point in the future ( possibly not likely but you can never rule it out) then it's physical - stored outside the banking system either with a company or stored somewhere by yourself. I'm not an expert on this but have just read a bit about it lately as lots of articles suggesting silver will go higher over the next months / year.  
    • I don't know. But there is good profit taking.