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Beyond GamerHash: Earning While you game, and helping Science.

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Dunno whether lots of us out there still enjoy any sort of gameplay experience these days. I was almost bored to boredom playing my PS 5, so I wanted to try out new ones. I've found a few but still not wanna get addicted to another boredom, that's why I'm here asking for your suggestions which of my new picks is worth the experience (of course, I wanna try more like P2E this time; haha wanna get some incentives while playing too)?

Personally, I've always had a soft spot for sandbox games like Minecraft. There's something about building and exploring that really gets me going! And with P2E games like The Sandbox, I can earn rewards while doing what I love. It's a win-win!

I recently discovered GamerHash, which lets me monetize my idle CPU/GPU power while playing. It's been a game-changer (pun intended)! I can earn GHX tokens while playing games, staking, or even generating AI images. The utility application is so cool - I can use my hardware to generate AI images or chat with an AI module. It's like having my own personal assistant!

But my concern is whether my earnings can be withdrawn and sold like any other crypto. Anyways, I'll try withdrawing some to Bitget today to see if it's practically possible.

I'm also trying out Ultra 

What are your suggestions?

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Totally feel you on the boredom front. Even the best games can get stale after a while. Here's my take on your P2E picks:

The Sandbox:

  • Solid Choice: As a sandbox lover, The Sandbox sounds perfect for you. Building, exploring, and earning rewards - win-win! Just remember, the P2E landscape can be volatile, so research the project well before diving deep.


  • Cool Concept: GamerHash is definitely unique! Earning crypto for using your PC while you game is a great way to monetize idle resources.
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