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DAX German 40 cash (e25) : RE opening and closing price discrepancy on daily chart




Im relatively new to indices so please excuse me if im asking a question with an obvious answer.

On the DAILY (candle) IG chart of the DAX German 40 cash , the opening and closing prices are different to the respective opening and closing prices taken from the  Xetra Borse Frankfurt website (https://www.boerse-frankfurt.de/indices/dax/price-history/historical-prices-and-volumes). 

For example, yesterdays (11th June) opening and closing prices of the DAX index from the Xetra boerse frankfurt website are as follows;

opening price: 18,497.85          closing price: 18,369.94

On the IG daily (candle) chart the opening and closing prices of the German 40 cash (e25) are different, as follows;

opening price: 18,516.8             closing price: 18,395.3

(NB: IG opening time 8am uk time, closing time 4.30pm uk time  ; corresponding  Xetra Frankfurt opening time 9am CET , closing time 5.30pm CET)

Even on the lower time frames i cannot see the opening & closing prices that should match the prices from Xetra in Frankfurt.


Why is there a discrepancy in your opening and closing prices to that of Xetra, who are the originators of the DAX index prices?


Thank you in advance.




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