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Icons for Deal Ticket, Order to Open, Alert

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A further suggestion would be to have 3 small icons on the Positions, Working Orders etc windows for Opening a Deal Ticket, Placing an Order to Open and Setting an Alert. I find this would create a lot more seamless movement in the platform. I find it annoying have a two or three step process with everything in the platform when things such as things could be a single click to access.







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thanks for your feedback on this  - I'm compiling my monthly Community feedback report today and I'll make sure to include this, along with your other suggestions and comments from other community members. The report gets to trading services managers, head of dealing, and the dev teams to everything posted will be seen by the relevant teams.


Let me know any further feedback if you have it before tomorrow, otherwise all posts will be included in the New Years report. 



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    • So US indices have been climbing higher (albeit a red day today). Trump needs the US stock market to blossom in order for him to say that it is a lot higher since he became US President.  So what happened to the wall he was going to build? This was one of the key pledges he was making during his election campaign. It is no different to Boris Johnson saying with confidence that the UK would leave the EU on 31st October 2019! There were even messages on the M1 (Motorway) in the UK inferring this.  POLITICAL SPIN and Marketing Wizardry at its best. Trump has focussed the media attention on the US-China Trade War to deflect from his broken promise so far.  Traders need to understand the fundamentals and how they work when it comes to politics and economics when trading not just US and UK indices but all major indices around the world. There were lots of stock market predictions being made about how it was going to see a big fall but this has not materialised. It may well do in 2020, I don't know, but never fight the trend until the bend at the end. Even then the bend can turn back again and continue which is what we have been witnessing with the US indices as politicians control the news flow, dictate the narrative and plot the course for stock markets.  
    • One should treat trading like a business. In any successful business there would be a business plan. So for any successful trader there must be a trading plan.  There is a cheesy line but very true which is something like - failing to plan is a plan to fail.  Some of the best and most successful traders in the world will have and are more likely to have a trading plan. I would be surprised if they do not.  This trading plan can be an evolving plan which can be changed and adapted as situations change, knowledge improves, experience is gained, etc.