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Summer Spin To Santorini Island; An Event To Win.

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With the CryptoSpace evolving everydayy, a plethora of ways also trump up for users to earn and have fun alongside.

Some of these events are my favourites. I have participated in a couple of them and the potential to earn therefrom is immense. 

Just recently, I came across an event on Bitget for its users to earn passively as well as an opportunity to spin the wheel to win an all expense tour to Santorini island.

The criteria for participating in this is relatively simple, you just need to make a net deposit of over 100 USDT and maintain the amount for a day. Depositing greater sums like $500 USDT, 1000 USDT and 1 BTC can further your chances of winning.

The more tasks completed, the more spins a participant may have.

The event is exclusively restricted to users from the; United Kingdom, Canada, Australia/DACH, French, Italian, Netherlands, Sweden and Poland region.

The total prize pool is $50,000 based on FCFS serve basis. This sounds too good to look away from.

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I love participating in these crypto events, and the chance to win a Santorini tour while earning passively is too good to pass up. The criteria are straightforward, and increasing my deposit can enhance my chances of winning. I’m excited to join and start spinning the wheel. Thanks for sharing this, and good luck to everyone participating

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    • Bitget growth really amazes me especially with the level of investment into their ecosystem and crypto at large. I would say I bought BGB very low because I have already 2x my portfolio. 
    • Definitely, this exchange listing had impact on the project as it increased exposure which was how I knew about the project. I also find some amazing free airdrops opportunities on the exchange I will be capitalizing on to earn some free UXLINK.
    • A mentor once said “is better to miss a trade than to lose a trade” This word has continued to haunt me whenever I decide to open a trade thus making me skeptical about any trade. I remember during a crypto lesson, one of the teachers said if we can understand TA, FA, candlestick, RSI, Doji, etc, then we are ready for this industry, whether that was true I still can’t say. Whether you understand reversal trading or SMC the market makers will still frustrate your effort. You just need to be an expert before you can start making anything from this industry, how many years of experience is that? Recently, one of my friends told me about copy trading and bot trading citing many advantages and even his PNL as proof that it works. I am just frustrated about the whole volatility especially when I see some traders celebrating profits while I am counting my losses. I would love to know your perspective on copy trading and which platform or approach is better
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