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35+ Popular Cryptocurrency Statistics (2024)

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The rise of cryptocurrency has been meteoric since Bitcoin launched in 2009. From just a few cryptocurrencies, the market has exploded to over 9,000 cryptocurrencies by 2024, with a total market size of $2.67 trillion.

Recently, interest in crypto has surged, marked by the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs and the approval of Ethereum ETFs in the United States. Despite regulatory challenges and varying adoption rates, global interest and confidence in cryptocurrencies continue to grow steadily.

In this overview of cryptocurrency statistics, I’ll explore the latest trends shaping the world of cryptocurrency today.

### Top Crypto Statistics

1. **Crypto Market Growth**:
   - Since 2013, the crypto market has welcomed 103,888 crypto coins, with 2,383 cryptocurrencies recorded as dead.
   - Binance leads crypto exchanges with the highest trading volume, amounting to $2,781 billion.
   - 1 in 3 crypto investors lack basic knowledge about cryptocurrency.

2. **Security Concerns**:
   - Since 2018, over $100 billion has been hacked, with 2022 being the biggest year for crypto hacking, recording total losses of $39.6 billion.

3. **Legal Status and Taxation**:
   - Cryptocurrency is legal in 119 countries, with El Salvador being the most crypto-tax-friendly country.
   - Since the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024, BTC ETFs now hold nearly 4% of all Bitcoin, valued at about $52.7 billion.

4. **Mining and Production Costs**:
   - The United States is the top Bitcoin mining country, with a monthly hashrate share of over 37.84%.
   - As of June 2024, the average production cost per Bitcoin among listed mining companies is approximately $53,000.

5. **Crypto ATMs**:
   - There are around 37,900 crypto ATMs worldwide, with the United States hosting the highest number at 31,719, approximately 83.69% of all crypto ATMs.

6. **Airdrops**:
   - At least $21 billion of crypto value has been airdropped to users, with Uniswap distributing the largest amount, worth $6.43 billion.

7. **Employment in Crypto Industry**:
   - 60% of employees in the crypto industry work in crypto trading entities, with 30% of all crypto workers based in the US.

### General Cryptocurrency Statistics

- **Number of Cryptocurrencies**:
  - As of 2024, over 9,024 cryptocurrencies have been created, though many are inactive or pump-and-dump schemes.
  - The top 20 cryptocurrencies make up almost 90% of the market, with Bitcoin holding a market cap of $1.3 trillion (as of May 2024).

- **Dead Cryptocurrencies**:
  - Since 2013, 2,383 cryptocurrencies have become inactive, with 91% of the coins from the 2014 crypto crash now considered dead.

- **Global Crypto Ownership**:
  - Global cryptocurrency ownership is estimated at 6.8%, with over 560 million users worldwide. India, China, the USA, and Brazil are the top countries with the highest number of crypto investors.

- **Crypto as a Financial Product**:
  - In the US, cryptocurrency is the second most trusted financial product after savings accounts, with 17% of US investors holding cryptocurrency.

- **Popular Cryptocurrencies**:
  - Among cryptocurrency investors, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most favored, comprising 76% and 54% of portfolios, respectively.

### Cryptocurrency Trading Statistics

- **Leading Exchanges**:
  - Binance dominates the crypto exchange market with a volume of $2,781 billion.

- **Investor Challenges**:
  - 38% of US crypto investors have lost more money than they made, with 33.5% lacking basic knowledge about cryptocurrency.

### Cryptocurrency Hacks Statistics

- **Major Hacks**:
  - 2022 was the biggest year ever for crypto hacking, with a loss of $39.6 billion.
  - North Korean hackers stole approximately $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency in 2022.

- **Vulnerable Blockchains**:
  - Ethereum and Solana are among the most attacked blockchains.

### Cryptocurrency Regulation Statistics

- **Global Legal Status**:
  - Cryptocurrency is legal in 119 countries, with Europe leading with 39 countries acknowledging the legitimacy of crypto.

- **Tax-Friendly Countries**:
  - El Salvador, Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland, and Malta are known for their tax-friendly systems for cryptocurrency.

### Cryptocurrency Investment Statistics

- **Bitcoin ETFs**:
  - Bitcoin ETFs in the US now hold nearly 4% of all Bitcoins available.
  - Grayscale leads Bitcoin ETFs with $24.33 billion in assets under management.

- **Crypto Funds**:
  - Crypto investment funds manage over $70.11 billion in assets, with North America housing half of all crypto funds.

### Cryptocurrency Mining Statistics

- **Leading Mining Countries**:
  - The US leads in Bitcoin mining, with Lebanon being the cheapest country to mine 1 BTC.

- **Electricity Consumption**:
  - Bitcoin mining consumes between 67 TWh and 240 TWh of electricity annually, comparable to the total electricity consumption of Greece or Australia.

### Cryptocurrency ATM Statistics

- **Global Distribution**:
  - As of May 2024, there are around 37,900 crypto ATMs worldwide, with the US hosting the highest number.

### Cryptocurrency Airdrop Statistics

- **Largest Airdrops**:
  - Uniswap had the largest crypto airdrop, distributing $6.43 billion worth of UNI.

### Cryptocurrency Jobs Statistics

- **Employment Trends**:
  - 60% of employees in the crypto industry work in trading and investment entities, with the US employing over 30% of global crypto workers.

- **Salaries and Job Locations**:
  - Web3 developers in the US earn the highest salaries, averaging $150,000 per year. New York is among the top cities for crypto jobs.

### Wrap-Up

Today, thousands of cryptocurrencies serve diverse applications. Despite challenges like hacking and regulatory issues, global interest and confidence in digital currencies are increasing. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the most popular, while innovations like Bitcoin ETFs attract more investors. Crypto exchanges and trading platforms are crucial, with Binance leading in trading volume. However, the market faces risks, including significant losses for many investors and numerous cyberattacks. The regulatory landscape is evolving, with more countries legalizing cryptocurrencies. Mining continues to be significant, with the US leading in Bitcoin mining. Crypto ATMs and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are also becoming more common, making digital currencies more accessible.

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