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[LOCKED] New around here?

Guest DanC

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Guest Caviarshower

Hi Chiraag,

I'm also new to trading and focus mainly on oil and no lead gasoline. I use signal centre and make a few forex trades too.


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Guest peteOZ

Hi all

This is my first post

I'm Pete, in sydney

I've traded almost everything but now I mostly trade FX



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Guest DaveUK


Dave from UK.

Still learning. Traded Indices earlier but now mainly Forex GBP/USD and occassional USD/YEN.


Thinking of trying Options soon.


BoE interest rate decision next week. Hold or 1/4 percentage point change ...what do you think ?

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Hi Dan,

Great to get on board. Thanks for the invite.

I have been with IG for over 10 years and have increased my activity recently. I have traded CFD's on shares in Australia, USA and Europe; oil, gold, wall street index, currencies and binaries. I find the financial markets very exciting.

I have referred many people including a HNW account. This gave me exclusive invitations to IG events for large account holders. I understand you can't offer those perks to everyone but I think the seminars could be available to be streamed to all clients. It would be no extra cost to you and a huge benefit to all.


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Hi Dan

i'm an asian female with full time job. I'v had an IG account for a few years now but still feel like a novice so I don't trade very often. I would very much welcome some tips on trading forex from experienced members. Thanks

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I'm Jay and I'm practicing using the demo account and the trading signals IG offer. Have any of you used them and whats your results if you have?


I've been trying to learn to trade for a while now and am yet to find that 'guru' to point me in the right direction!


Thanks all and good luck!



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Hi I'm Dan, I'm interested in equities, and opened an ISA too. I have a couple of positions, one is doing well, one isn't. I'm a newbie and keen to learn more about technical analysis. I mostly use the iPhone app, so it's great to see this new community feature.

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Hello to all those who have recently joined Community!


 & , I see you may have accidentally left blank messages. For help on getting started in the Community feel free to take a look at some of our 'getting started' guides.



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Guest MemeTrader



The name's Dave, and thanks for your warm welcome. They weren't lying about how good the IG platform was, it's amazing.

I'm still a fairly inexperienced trader, and I work full-time. SO far I've had positions in various Indices, FTSE Stocks various tech stocks, UK and international.


Pleased to meet you all.

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Hi ,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback ! Glad to hear you have had a positive experience with the trading platform and do let us know if you have any questions!



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Hi ,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback ! Glad to hear you have had a positive experience with the trading platform and do let us know if you have any questions!



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Hello everyone!! I am Storm07 and this is my very first time venturing into trading. It's still unknown territory for me and I haven't even placed my first bet yet! I have to say that I am very nervous and excited at the same time. I'm looking forward to lots of new learning experiences, torments and exhilaration!! I feel like I'm back at uni again . It would have been great if we were able to transfer funds via PayPal. I'm using my iPad but I don't get the mobile option of funding my account. I just spent hours going through as much literature as I can for today to get acquainted with spread betting (though I still feel like I'm clueless!). I moved from the UK recently and I am looking forward to start something that could potentially be a great source of income. All the very best everyone!!

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