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Risk to Reward workout tool


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Hello dear people,


Once I have entered a position, from the chart view I am able to use the sliding buttons for the Stop and Limit levels. As I move the levels the potential loss or gain is worked out and displayed for me in real time.


Can I have the use of the same (or similar tool) before I enter a position? Yes I know, I could do the maths myself, (I am not a total fool, just a fool), however I am sure prone to make mistakes, plus the tool has been implemented, finally if I have to go away to work things out I usually loose some of the actual drive to go ahead with the trade (a bit like **** I think :-)).


Thanks for the advice 

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Guest Judge125


I use investing.com for chart analysis along side my platform when I am trading,  the charts available there  have this tool for risk to reward measurement. they also provide an economic calendar for news releases during the day.        tradingview.com is another site that also provides the tool.    I use MT4 for trading and I can give you a link for a real time  position sizing tool,   if you use MT4 

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