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New platform sharedealing

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Will the new platform be able to be used for sharedealing soon.  Willing to try the new platform although the reviews from others make me think its not as good.

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Hi  - we are aiming to get the new web trading platform out in H1 of next year, however it will be slightly different to the current offering as we'll be designing it specifically for stockbroking rather than trying to squeeze functionality into a platform designed for leverage trading. 


You can always open a CFD or spread betting account to have a look at the new platform if you wish, and there is no obligation to trade leverage if you just wanted to see the layout / functionality etc. You could also open a demo. 

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Hi James, is the functionality of the new platform coming to share trading soon? I've been trading on mobile for the last couple of months because the online platform for shares is slow and buggy. Hopefully we can expect it soon.



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