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yes, that would have been worth buying into, ahead of results.

Seen similar with BT today, when you get a few profit warnings in a row the marked revises down its estimates, and eventually you get a beat/ahead of expectations ?

personally I just ignore these in my portfolio as they are medium term holding, but starting to get traction back.

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Today we are *hopefully* seeing a trend reveral. Currently about 17% up intraday and this time the fundamentals are playing out. Today results were released and you can see the shareholder letter for 2019 Q1 here >> https://s22.q4cdn.com/826641620/files/doc_financials/2019/q1/Q1-2019-Shareholder-Letter.pdf

So what have we got:

mDAU (monetisable daily average users) eg, real users, not 'bots' up 11% - growing user base.

Revenue up 18%

Op Mgn 12% and operating income $94m

Total US revenue was $432M, an increase of 25%.

Total international revenue was $355M

Total advertising revenue was $679M, +18%. Y/Y growth accelerated in the US relative to Q4, with ad revenue up 26%. 


So we are finally getting traction. 


Currently looking at $30bn valuation. Some sources (not me) are saying $100bn, or three fold increase. Who knows really, but short term this looks to be finally getting noticed.


My most recent purchase was to add more  on 11 feb at $31. Not huge but increased by what cash I had available. 
Finally I almost opened a dfb today at $36 but didn't get the price I was after. Never mind.


Not much more to say here except keep an eye on the growth story. I continue to hold.



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