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Beginner’s question about deal calculations

Guest aswler


I have traded CFDs on currency pairs before and I can figure out the numbers regarding placing a deal there (what one point means and which decimal is to be used). But when looking at an ETF CFD, I cannot find this information on the deal box - anyone could please help me? I am looking at "Multi Units Luxembourg - Lyxor MSCI World Information Technology TR UCITS ETF" in the new platform. First off, why does it say in the trading box "Size USD($)" and then "shares min: 1"? So is this box in USD or in numbers of shares?

And to find out which decimal represents one point and what the relation is between 1 point and my currency, do you always have to input values for each market in the stop loss box and see it displayed or is there an easy way to see it as in the Info box for the currency pairs? Thank you very much for your answers in advance.
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Hi - so I believe this should be quoted in GBP. I've double checked on my IG account and the underlying market (3rd party evidence shown below from MS) so I don't believe you should be getting a USD value pulled through. The below relates to CFD trading, however if you a re spread betting please let me know. 


2017-12-18 09_05_46-Lyxor MSCI World Information Technology TR UCITS ... ETF _ LU0533033741.png


This means that the 18,000~ will be quoted in pence, and therefore one share should be abut £180.00, and because tier 1 margin is 10% (as shown in the get info section) 1 share should require about £18 margin. 


2017-12-18 09_15_21-IG Trading Platform _ CFD.png

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